The District Youth Director appoints district Staff and works very closely with all internal office needs and expectations. There is no limit as to how many people can be in this group. However, it is recommended that the team is no bigger than three members. Depending on the financial condition of the SPDYM office this position can potentially become a part-time job, or full-time job paid position. For the meantime, all positions at a district office level are volunteer bases and may receive a small stiffen depending on the number of projects. 


Rev. Eli Vega 

District Youth Director


626.968.5088 ext. 412 

Rev. William Mendoza 

Assistant District Youth Director


Amy Deras 

Office Secretary 


Jazmin Hernandez 

Office Support 



Abraham Ortega 

Fine Arts Coordinator 


Francisco Diaz 

Missions Coordinator 


Daniel Maya 

Event Specialist 


Gamaliel Vazquez 

Data Analysis  


Ernie Cantu

Region 1 Rep 



Janice Contreras 

Region 2 Rep




Region 3 Rep


Alan De La Cruz 

Region 4 Rep 



Joe Casas 

Region 5 Rep 



Amber Kelsey 

Region 6 Rep 



Cesar Blanco 

Region 7  Rep 




Region 8 Rep


As a Regional Rep (R&R), you are expected to manage many different areas in your assigned geographical region. Each region will look a little different from a neighboring region and thus it is the responsibility of the R&R to be a self-manager and learn as much as you can about your region. There will be general tasks such as helping with Youth Conventions/ Youth Camps/ and Young Adult Conference. However, your fiduciary duty is to care for the well-being of all Youth Leaders/Workers/Pastors/and or Presidents by responding to voicemails, e-mails, and Facebook messages. Beyond that, the R&R must promote all district calendar events and stay in good communication with the district office. Complete travel planning by the time of the year and always be aware of the best ways to recruit youth workers into participating in all District, Regional, and Sectional events. You are given the freedom to manage your territory, but you are expected to complete the below basic requirements.




  • Business Meetings: You must attend each district business meeting held by the DYD. It is important you communicate with the DYD assistant of any absences and send a sectional rep on your behalf.  However, it is your responsibility to schedule


  • Regional and Sectional Meetings.

Each Region and Section have pastor meetings and or mentor meetings where professional development is given and or essential topics are discussed. It is your responsibility to connect and learn as when each meeting will take place so that the Youth Ministries department is always well represented. Among many other topics discussed in these meetings, it is important that you work hard on developing a strong and healthy relationship with your executive and district presbyter so that communication is well established. Furthermore, as represented to SPDYM it is your job to continuously inform all pastors of all district, regional and sectional youth events to help increase the chances all churches to participate.


  • Church Site Visits: Assist your local youth leaders by scheduling annual church site visits to reassure and strengthen healthy relationships. Set goals and contact churches/pastors and plan to travel in your territory. Follow through on planned travel in your territory accordingly.


  • Managing: Create a regional team with the Sectional Reps under your region. Plan and execute meetings in relation to your geographical and demographical needs. Create region and Sectional Yearly Event Calendar. Note: Each region and section is allowed to only host 2 youth rally per year.  For example, if you are Region 1 Rep then you will have one regional event and two sectional events.   


  1. Region 1 (Desert)                                       2 Regional Event

    1. Imperial Valley Section                       2 Sectional Event

    2. Palm Springs Section                         2 Sectional Event


  • Communication: Recruit youth leaders though making outbound calls/e-mails/Facebook contacts and responding to youth leader inquiries. Also, serve as a by advising youth leaders through the district calendar events, missions, and purpose. 


  • Network: You are tasked with the job of collecting all youth workers contact information (phone, email, and address) and report that information to the district office. It is highly recommended but not an obligation to take each youth worker out on a coffee date to build life-lasting friendships. Each year you will be asked to update all contact information and send the most recent updated information to the district office.



  • Customer Service: Uphold the greatest form of customer service whether in church visits, traveling, or communicating with executive and district presbyters/senior pastors/youth works/students/parents. Our goal is to provide our customers with “Red Carpet Service.”


  • Social Media: You are responsible for creating social media accounts.


  • Bottom Line Goal: Meet your territory goals and bring support each need presented in your region.



  • The Southern Pacific District Youth Ministry has a total 7 operating Regions.  Each region is managed by the regional representative in their geographical area. This position is a volunteer position.

    • Region 1 (Desert)

    • Region 2 (Inland)

    • Region 3 (South)

    • Region 4 (North)

    • Region 5 (Los Angeles)

    • Region 6 (English)

    • Region 7 (San Diego)

    • Region 8 (Las Vegas)



  • The Southern Pacific District Youth Ministry has a total 18 operating section under their designated region.  Each section is managed by the sectional representative in their geographical area. This position is a volunteer position.

    • Imperial Valley Section (7)

    • Palm Springs Section (19)

    •  San Bernardino (39)

    • San Gabriel (24)

    • Las Vegas (22)

    • Hawaii (4)

    • North Orange Section (9)

    • South Orange (14)  

    •  San Fernando Section (25)

    • La Costa Section (10)

    • East Los Angeles Section (40) 

    • Central Los Angeles Sectional (31)

    • Long Beach Sectional (16)

    • North Section (5)

    • South Section (9)

    • East Section (3)

    • South San Diego Section (12)

    • North San Diego Section (12)

    • North Las Vegas (11)

    • South Las Vegas

SPDYM District Events Dates  


February 2                  Youth Leaders Orientation

March 22-24               Young Adults Retreat

May 16-18                   YMA Retreat

July 26-28                   Youth Camp

September 14-21       YMA Missions Trip

November 22-24        Youth Convention

December 14              Youth leaders Christmas Banquet

SPDYM Business Meetings


February 9                   August 10         

March 2                       September 7

April 6                         October 5

May 4                          November 2

June 1

July 13

SPDYM Staff Development Dates


I cannot express to you how blessed I am to have you on the team! Although these past two years I wasn’t able to fully demonstrate how important staff development means to me because it took me some time to fully understand the nature of my role as your DYD. Starting next year, I want to make sure we began to implement staff development as our number one priority. Below are four reasons as to why I believe staff development is so important.



January 4-6

Leadership Retreat / Bounding.



April 1-5 

Youth Pastors Summit (Saddleback Church),

Catalyst Leadership Training (Mariners Church,)




June 22

Summer Kick off

BBQ / Baseball game.



September 14-21,

YMA Missions Trip